GuzziDiag / Tools

GuzziDiag V0.43

Windows Linux x86 Linux x64 Mac OS X

IAW15xReader V0.67 (15M, 15P, 15RC)

Windows Linux x86 Linux x64 Mac OS X

IAW15xWriter V0.26 (15M, 15P, 15RC)

Windows Linux x86 Linux x64 Mac OS X

IAW5xReader V0.23 (5AM, 59M)

Windows Linux x86 Linux x64 Mac OS X

IAW5xWriter V0.20 (5AM, 59M in near future)

Windows Linux x86 Linux x64 Mac OS X

RPMSensorEmu V0.16

A tool to emulate the phonic wheel for an ECU on the desk

FTDI Driver/Treiber

Windows Mac OS X
Testtool for windows AdapterTest V1.01

All OSs:

Make sure that no screensaver becomes active while you are running Reader or Writer.
This would disturb the data transfer and the connection will be lost.
Also virus scanners can make problems. If your are in doubt, disable it temporarily.

Windows hints:

If you have problems with connection or breaks during connection,
then stop all programs which are running in the background.
Your taskbar in the right lower corner should be nearly empty.

Linux hints:

The USB tty has 660 as rights per default.
So you need to change this, or use: sudo ./GuzziDiag_Vx.xx to start it.
You can also add yourself to the linux group dialout, than you are also allowed to use it.
A directory ~/.local/share has to be available. But that should be the case.

Mac OS X hints:

If your finder is blinking:
try to convert the app to a self growing diskimage.
It was reported that this solves the problem.
From OS 10.9 onwards Apple uses its own USB driver for FTDI.
In a forum thread it was written that this also causes problems.
There are some commands to disable the internal driver (see FTDI PDF),
or search for a program which disable the original driver.

Die Benutzung der Software erfolgt auf eigene Gefahr!
Keinerlei Haftung!

The usage of this software is at one's own risk!
No liability!

FTDI Driver Windows:

If you have problems to get a connection try to install version 2.08.14 of the driver.
It looks like that version 2.08.28 and .30 has problems with the new FT232R chip in some constellations.
2.08.14 as self-installing exe.
With this, you can istall the drivers before plug in the adapter the first time.
So the newer windows versions does not start to search for a driver on the net.

FTDI Settings Windows:

Treiber EinstellungenTreiber Einstellungen

TunerPro XDF files

Moto Guzzi


V1.26 16k EPROM


V1.27 32k EPROM


V1.21 32k EPROM
V1.21 64k EPROM
V1.21 64k Daytona RS Kit


V2.28 old Quota




V1.28 One Lambda
V1.28 Two Lambda



V1.0 15M M900
V1.28 5AM S2-800R
V1.28 5AM S2-1000R DP
V1.0 5AM 848
V1.0 5AM 1098
V1.27 5AM 1198 328641831D
V1.27 5AM 1198 DP 96520311B
V1.27 5AM 1198 3213 PQ58
V1.0 5AM MTS1000 HW103
V1.0 5AM MTS1000 HW610
V1.28 5AM Multistrada 1100
V1.0 5AM Hypermotard 1100
V1.28 5AM StreetFighter

from other users:

V1.35 5AM SC1000 Monoposto (DP)
V1.35 5AM SC1000 Monoposto (Stock)
V1.35 5AM SC1000 Biposto (Stock&DP)


V1.02 450FSE


V1.22 Sport GP 95 Scrambler
V1.22 GP 2 Lambda
V1.24 Corsaro


V1.02 15P .00
V1.02 15P .01